I am a qualified supervisor having successfully completed a Certficate in Integrative Supervision offered by the Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre. This rigorous six month training course involved face to face and online group training, skills practice, written and practical assessments as well as the completion of supervision hours. The focus of the training was on Hawkins and Shohet's Seven-Eyed Model. 
In addition to this training, I have also been a programme leader and senior lecturer on the MA in Clinical Counselling, University of Chester. This involved working with counselling trainees particularly in the areas of skills development, preparation placement and oversight and the teaching and monitoring of ethical practice. This sits alongside my years of practitioner exprience working in a variety of locations with a range of client groups and presentations.
Supervision is a fundamental requirement of ethical practice and as well as bringing my extensive practitioner and training experience to the role, I also bring my person-centred perspecive and experience. Whilst I hold a strong belief in the role of supervision to provide a safe space for exploration, investigation and support of the supervisee, the ultimate aim is to ensure the client receives competent and safe practice. I would expect both myself and those counsellors I work with to be committed to this ultimate goal and to work within the professonal and ethical framework to which we subscribe. 
I am available to work with qualified counsellors as well as trainees (depending on the requirements of the training institutions). 
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